About Click Bacon

ClickBACON is a Cloud Based software solution powerful enough for corporate restaurants, but simple enough for the independent user.  We are part of Authentic Restaurant Concepts Inc. which is also the parent company to TheRestaurantBoss.com and RestaurantProfitandPerformance.com.

The BACON team is small.

In fact, it’s just two of us right now.  Ryan was sick and tired of coaching his clients without a tool to simply perform the tasks that were needed to vastly improve restaurant profits and their overall performance.  After reaching out to dozens of other restaurant software companies and literally sharing his exact wireframe, their in ability to simplify the process frustrated Ryan to no end.

After 5 years of trying to work with the industry leaders, he decided it was time to build it the way he wanted it and his clients needed it.

In April of 2016 Ryan hired Marc to lead the development of what you see here today.  ClickBACON is the first of its kind tool, that will actually help Restaurant Owners Run Better Restaurants.  WHY?  Because, it’s simple.  Simple enough that busy, tired, overworked owners and operators can understand it and use it.  Beyond just supplying data that has already happened, BACON was designed around the principle of PROACTIVE management, rather REACTIVE.  So the tools included with BACON will help all restaurants identify problems BEFORE they happen.






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Ryan Gromfin

Founder & Restaurant Consultant


Marc Pacuri

Lead Software Developer

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