Stop guessing your way to a more profitable restaurant!

Designed by Independent Operators for Independent Operators to remove the stress from recipe costing and inventory.

“We started using BACON a few weeks ago and our prime cost was 65%, now it’s 57%. That is an 8% increase in profits. We love this software, there is nothing that is more powerful and this simple.”

Dan Misuraca, Proud Marine & Owner of Red, White & Que Smokehouse

Say goodbye to…

Say goodbye to…

Confusing POS Data and Spreadsheet Hell that Just Keeps You Guessing!

Eliminate Stress

Too much to do on a daily basis makes it impossible to keep up!

Eliminate Struggle

Too much time to get what should be the simple data you need!

Eliminate Overwhelm

Too many useless numbers showering you with conflicting data!

Say hello to…

Accurate and Actionable Data That Gives You Insights you CAN use to Increase Profits!
Accurate Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Food Cost

Beverage Cost

Labor Cost

Prime Cost

“Every Restaurant should be using BACON!”

Shayne Gray, Owner, Rio Nectar

From single unit diners, to food trucks, wine bistros,
fast food, fine dining and multi-unit concepts, all over the world!

Food Truck:

Knowing your numbers will help ensure that your truck won’t roll away anytime soon!

Quick Service Restaurant:

Are you getting great food out fast, but your numbers are growing slowly?

Coffee Shops

Are you making money on that double whip mocha chip, or is it costing you more than you thought?


Are you taking home enough of the “pie” or are you leaving too much on the table?


Is your bakery a rising high as a “sweet” success while profits are falling flat?

Drive Thru

Are people hitting your drive-thru but you feel more like a bank teller handing out cash instead of keeping it?

Fine Dining

Are you exceeding guest expectations and providing an exquisite experience but spending too much time in front of the computer trying to figure out where the profits are?

Food Court

Are you standing out from the rest, but not profiting from your best?


Are you able to tell me what each franchisee’s food and labor costs are at any given moment? You should!

“Running a business by a P&L is like driving a car looking through the rear view mirror.”

Leaving you guessing why your restaurant isn’t highly profitable!

Give BACON a try for yourself RIGHT NOW!

Click on the Button to get instant access inside the BACON software.

No information required! Using sample data, you will be able to run reports and give the software a test drive. As an added bonus, we let you build actual Checklists, Prep Sheets, Temperature Logs, Order Guides & Kitchen Build Sheets that you can Save and Print out for use in your restaurant COMPLETELY FREE!

We Integrate with the Most Popular POS Systems

Click here to see the POS systems we currently integrate with. If you don’t see your POS system, send us a message and we will get it done ASAP for you! No additional fee, no problem.



1. Restaurant Dashboard Overview

Instantly see 22 Key Restaurant Performance Indicators in your Dashboard.

Tired of feeling the end of month “Cash Crunch” stress?! There is only one reason you are not hitting your target Sales, CoGS (Food & Beverage Costs) or Labor Costs each month – you don’t have a simple way to compare your actual numbers to your budget.

Each month BACON will automatically take your past information and create a new budget for you. Then BACON compares your Actual Sales, Purchase and Labor daily to your Budget and lets you know how you are doing, as well as where you need to improve!

Armed with this new, real-time data, you proactively adjust as needed versus waiting 5, 10 or even 20 days into the next month to find out that your food cost was too high…and now it’s too late to do anything about it!

2. Weekly Prime Cost Reporting

Capture your most important data into ONE easy-to-read Weekly Metric.

Prime Cost is your Total Cost of Goods Sold plus your Total Labor. These numbers are important on their own, but when combined, they create the most powerful and important number you could ever track in your restaurant business.

Your goal should be to keep this number below 60% on a weekly basis. Yet, we see most new BACON users are north of 70% before they start with us. It’s very difficult to operate a profitable restaurant in that range.

By having BACON calculate this number for you (daily, weekly and monthly), you can optimize your restaurant operations based on factual, real-time data, rather than gut reactions, guesswork and outdated information.

3. Advanced Inventory Reporting

BACON uses a patent pending algorithm to accurately calculate your Food & Beverage Cost weekly; WITHOUT taking inventory.

Have you ever wondered why you’re wasting so much time taking inventory? Or if you currently don’t take inventory, are you concerned that your numbers are NOT accurate? Taking inventory is one of the most time-consuming procedures in any food service operation.

What if you didn’t have to do it anymore? But, you can still get the numbers you need, in real time, and possibly with even more accuracy.

Too good to be, true…TRUST US IT’S NOT!

But if you like taking inventory, and want to continue doing so, BACON is the only system on the market that allows you to take weekly inventory on some of your categories and monthly on the others. Why? Because that’s how it should be!

4. Drag and Drop Sheet Builder

What good is Knowing your Numbers if your Operation is not Run Tight and Consistently?

Quality systems are the key to any high-profit, high-performance restaurant business.

Until now, having quality systems has been one of those “I will properly document them later” things that we keep pushing off our list.

Even if you have mastered checklist building in Excel, can anybody else on your team update them?

Now they can using our simple and intuitive Sheet Builder.

BACON has drag and drop functionality, along with templates for the most commonly used sheets, already built into your account. These sheets allow you to quickly document a Standard Operating Procedure for everything in your business, allowing you to hold your staff accountable.

• Opening / Closing Procedures
• Kitchen Build Sheets
• Server Side Work
• Job Descriptions (coming soon)
• Station Checklist
• Position Prep Sheets
• Temperature Logs
• Maintenance Sheets
• Cleaning Duties
• Etc….

Your Success in the restaurant business is directly related to how well you Manage Systems and Develop People.

Once created all sheets can be exported to .PDF for printing and emailing.


No Risk, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees

We currently offer One-Plan, One-Price, you get it all.


Per month, Per location

  • Includes support
  • Includes updates
  • Includes access to private FB Group
  • 24/7 cloud access to software on any device

BACON comes with a 30 Day money-back guarantee!

Try the software for a full 30 days…if you are not completely satisfied with the ease of use,

support and functionality we will issue you an immediate refund!

I’m ready to see real numbers.


BACON works with all devices.

Because BACON is cloud based and fully responsive you can access the software from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Multi-Unit Operators Dashboard

Even if you know what one of your units is doing, do you know what they are doing together?

Instantly login and see key measurements from all your units in one screen and then drill down to see each unit individually. Knowing that one unit is a few points better than the others on Labor while your other unit is over budget on purchases will ensure that you manage the needs of your multiple locations and staff appropriately.

Customizable Access Levels

Want certain managers to see certain store level data, but not others?

No problem inside BACON.  You can setup BACON so that store managers can only see their stores, but district, regional or corporate staff can see all the store data individually or as a whole.  This is also perfect for franchises operators because it will allow home office to see how all or some of the stores are performing, but a franchise owner will NOT has access to other store information, just their own.

Here’s what people are saying.

“We have been using BACON since its Beta Launch. The owner of the restaurant handles the bookkeeping through QuickBooks, but we had no way to track the most important data daily at the restaurant level. Now in just a couple minutes a day, I am able to bring actionable data to our managers and we are in total control of the budget. Sales are up over 20% this year and profits are following in line because we are actively controlling our prime cost daily, weekly and monthly!”

Alex Alb

Gabriel's Fountain

“Over the past few years, I have gone from simple spreadsheets, to complex spreadsheets, to more and more spreadsheets and then eventually starting looking for a software solution to help improve my numbers at our wine bistro tasting lounge. Well after trying different software platforms we went from kind of knowing our numbers to NOT knowing our numbers. All the software we tried claimed to be simple was was far too complex. I am a small restaurant operator, I don’t have a huge staff, I don’t have time to manage software. We switched to BACON a couple months back and it truly is simple, but far more powerful than we imagined it could be. It has exactly what we need with nothing more or less. You can tell it was designed and built by somebody who has operated restaurants, knows the business and knows how to get the results we all want… more profit and less complexity. Thanks Ryan, BACON is really helping us out!”

PJ Strain

Pure Wine Cafe

“A couple months ago I decided to give BACON a try in my 8,000 sq. ft. Italian restaurant. I had been using the same inventory software for years and I knew there had to be a better. In fact we used an inventory system, accounting system and multiple spreadsheets but the data was still a bit confusing and old by the time I tied it all together. To be honest, Ryan had been telling me it does not need to be so hard and that I needed better budgeting tools.

Now with BACON I am able to get all my operational data in one place. I can easily see where I am compared to my budget daily so I can take action on it and get ahead of my numbers.”

Bill Rinnetti


“We have been running two restaurants for the past 20 years. Tracking prime cost has always been a struggle. Every another month, we would stop because the spreadsheet was too complicated. Everybody in this business has to know that tracking prime cost is essential for the bottom line, without those numbers, it’s a matter of time before you hit a wall. It will happen, you just don’t know when. BACON is the best investment we have made. It pays itself in the first couple of days of every month. It also allows your contributors to consult on a daily basis the critical number saving time for everybody. The only thing discouraging me in all of this is that BACON did not exist before!”

Carl Huth


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