The Simplest and Fasted Food and Beverage Cost Control app, can now integrate with QuickBooks!

Say goodbye to double entry.

clickBACON is the fastest, simplest, and easiest way to manage your Restaurant business with QuickBooks.  Make your entries once into QuickBooks then clickBACON will organize that data into budgets and pretty graphs so you can actually know what your food, beverage, and labor costs are instantly. 

Automagically sync your Sales with clickBACON!

Every time you log into clickBACON we will pull your new sales data directly from your QuickBooks!

Automagically sync your Purchases with clickBACON!

Every time you log into clickBACON we will pull your new purchase data directly from your QuickBooks!

Automagically sync your Labor with clickBACON!

Every time you log into clickBACON we will pull your new labor data directly from your QuickBooks!

Automagically know your Key Performance Indicators in clickBACON!

We love QuickBooks as much as you do…but it was not designed to give you instant restaurant-specific information, clickBACON was and now you can get the data you need, to make informed decisions, faster and easier than ever before!

Take it from the experts – Real clickBACON customers

“We have been using BACON since its Beta Launch. The owner of the restaurant handles the bookkeeping through QuickBooks, but we had no way to track the most important data daily at the restaurant level. Now in just a couple minutes a day, I am able to bring actionable data to our managers and we are in total control of the budget. Sales are up over 20% this year and profits are following in line because we are actively controlling our prime cost daily, weekly and monthly!”

– Alex Alb, Gabriel’s Fountain


“Over the past few years, I have gone from simple spreadsheets, to complex spreadsheets, to more and more spreadsheets and then eventually starting looking for a software solution to help improve my numbers at our wine bistro tasting lounge. Well after trying different software platforms we went from kind of knowing our numbers to NOT knowing our numbers. All the software we tried claimed to be simple was was far too complex. I am a small restaurant operator, I don’t have a huge staff, I don’t have time to manage software. We switched to BACON a couple months back and it truly is simple, but far more powerful than we imagined it could be. It has exactly what we need with nothing more or less. You can tell it was designed and built by somebody who has operated restaurants, knows the business and knows how to get the results we all want… more profit and less complexity. Thanks Ryan, BACON is really helping us out!”

– PJ Strain, Pure Wine Cafe


“A couple months ago I decided to give BACON a try in my 8,000 sq. ft. Italian restaurant. I had been using the same inventory software for years and I knew there had to be a better. In fact we used an inventory system, accounting system and multiple spreadsheets but the data was still a bit confusing and old by the time I tied it all together. To be honest, Ryan had been telling me it does not need to be so hard and that I needed better budgeting tools.

Now with BACON I am able to get all my operational data in one place. I can easily see where I am compared to my budget daily so I can take action on it and get ahead of my numbers.”

– Bill Rinnetti, Massimo’s


“We have been running two restaurants for the past 20 years. Tracking prime cost has always been a struggle. Every another month, we would stop because the spreadsheet was too complicated. Everybody in this business has to know that tracking prime cost is essential for the bottom line, without those numbers, it’s a matter of time before you hit a wall. It will happen, you just don’t know when. BACON is the best investment we have made. It pays itself in the first couple of days of every month. It also allows your contributors to consult on a daily basis the critical number saving time for everybody. The only thing discouraging me in all of this is that BACON did not exist before!”

– Carl Huth, Inter

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